How Crime Scene Cleaners Sanitize a Trauma Scene

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How Crime Scene Cleaners Sanitize a Trauma Scene
Cleaning up a crime scene may not seem like the ideal occupation, but someone has to do it. Oftentimes, the dwelling where the fatalities or injuries occurred is going to be placed back on the market.  Not to worry though, as the process is similar to sewage cleanup in that it deals with the removal of bio-hazardous waste. Crime scene cleaners are trained to remove any reminders of the tragedy that occurred, while also remaining cautious and respectful of the injured or deceased.

Obtain the Right Gear
Crime scene cleaners are dealing with bio-hazardous waste and should always ensure they have to correct gear before attending a scene. This includes:
       One time full bodysuit that can be discarded after use.
       A mask to prevent breathing in airborne hazards or from ingesting harmful bodily fluids.
       Thick, disposal gloves to prevent skin-to-skin contact.
       Goggles to prevent the eyes from being exposed to hazardous materials.

For a crime scene heavily tainted in blood and bodily fluids, a respirator is handy to filter the air.

Remove and Dispose of Blood Tainted Materials
Next, crime scene cleaners will search the area particularly for items that may be tainted with blood or bodily fluids. This can include but are not limited to:
       Anything porous and absorbent
The main goal of this step is to remove any traces of blood or bodily fluids. This is also the most dangerous and risky part of the cleanup as the potential for contact with the hazards is greater. Anything that is clearly tainted with hazardous waste is labelled in bio-hazard containers and disposed of by bio-hazardous waste disposal professional. In cases of sofas or mattresses, where only some portions may be splattered with hazardous waste, they must be dismantled and the saturated areas cut out and disposed of separately.

When dealing with carpets or flooring that is tainted with blood and bodily fluid, each layer is removed until it tests negative for the presence of contaminants. 

Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize
This is where the crime scene cleaners conduct an in-depth cleaning to completely sanitize the space and eliminate odours. For concrete, the process usually involves pressure washing with chemical solutions to break down the blood and scrubbing with abrasive tools.

Typically, all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized with the use of high-quality medical-grade chemicals. This way, they can be sure that viruses and bacteria are eliminated. Sometimes, the cause of death or injury is a virus and that’s why this is necessary. Sometimes it is unknown whether the injured or deceased has a virus in their blood, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Afterwards, special deodorizers are used to remove any lingering odours of a trauma scene.

Verify the Trauma Scene is Safe

Once a crime scene is sanitized, a crime scene cleaner will use ATP (adenosine triphosphate testing technology to guarantee the area is disinfected and safe. Never meddle in a crime scene. Always report it, so the professionals can take appropriate measures.

How Crime Scene Cleaners Sanitize a Trauma Scene Toronto

Biohazard, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup Services Offered By GTA Restoration
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